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A constantly evolving reality born from the perfect fusion of two congenial elements, the over thirty years experience of Pietro Calabrese and the fervent foaming creativity of the first-born Gerardo. It was only 11 July 2013.

Since then, giving shape and substance to the enthusiastic energy and fresh potential in the area of ​​production control and marketing organization, guided and inspired by a careful and timely analysis of the needs and trends of the market, also strengthened by the entry of the second-born Federico, has been a continuous crescendo of openings of points of sale and, above all, the start of the wholesale distribution.

The marked differentiation of the product from similar products on the market, both for the quality of raw materials and the elegance of the proposed style, convince Gerardo Calabrese to achieve a further goal to distance themselves from the uniformity of the reference market: identify with its own brand that enhances the qualities of its brand.

Thus, in the South Central, the 16 sales points with the BAY brand were born, registered and used exclusively by the Calabrese group.

The centrality of the positioning with respect to the interests of the sector operators convinces the company to focus its attention on a further goal: the presence at C.I.S. Spa. (Nola), the most important context of commercial diffusion of the Centro -Sud Italia. The strength of the group lies, irrefutably, in being able to shape, in the multifaceted offer of their clothing and accessories, the quality of the fabrics, the originality of the style, the excellent quality / price ratio, in a highly competitive balance . We are talking about a 100% Made in Italy product, in a wide range of sizes from 40 to 46, of fabrics, colors and patterns, chosen directly by Gerardo Calabrese.

A fashion total look without age, from models of excellent wearability, high versatility, attention to detail, undeniable success of an enterprising, original policy and a marketing responsive to the trends in demand.